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Custom Ponies
Fill this out first.



Age and Birthday:



Coat Color

Mane and Tail Color:

Cost: 80 points ($1.00)
Pony to Bat Pony
[DOLL] You're screwed now by LightningRockerpony
I'll transform you Regular pony into a Bat Pony.

Cost $0.40 (32 points)
Pony Reference Sheet
My new Unicorn OC Autumn Shimmer by LightningRockerpony
Fire Punk's ref sheet by LightningRockerpony
Golden Nights's ref sheet by LightningRockerpony
Lightning Rocker's ref sheet by LightningRockerpony
I will make a Pony Reference Sheet of your OC. No matter what OC you pick.
Equestria Girls OCs
.:DOLL :.Equestria Girls - Lightning Rocker by LightningRockerpony
.:DOLL:. Equestria Girls - Golden Nights(me) by LightningRockerpony
.:DOLL:. Equestria Girls - Thunder Flutter by LightningRockerpony
.:DOLL:. Equestria Girls - Locket by LightningRockerpony
.:DOLL:. Equestria Girls - Storm Screamer by LightningRockerpony
Your OCs done Equestria Girls style

Cost: 8 points ($0.18)
Pony Bases
Base #15 Flying Stallion by LightningRockerpony
MLP Base #2 I'm going to smash you by LightningRockerpony
Base #11 Bring it on! by LightningRockerpony
Send me a screencap or a vector so I can make a base out of it.
Pony Riders
.:Pony Riders:. Lightning Rocker by LightningRockerpony
.:Pony Riders:. Green Blitz by LightningRockerpony
Fluttershy's Extreme gear by LightningRockerpony
A picture of your OC and his/her extreme. (Insert your catch-phrase)
Pony POV
Lightning Rocker's POV by LightningRockerpony
Locket's POV by LightningRockerpony
Purple Twist's POV by LightningRockerpony
If you want a POV shot with your OC.
Alternate Color OCs
If you want your OC to have a alternate colors.
Emerald Icons
If you want an Emerald Icons
If you want an OC pony Wallpaper

Newest Deviations

Rainbow Dash



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Art work done by other Amazing artists

Green Blitz by abbytehkittyA Day In The Sky by abbytehkittyLightning Rocker by Lonely-UFOLightning Rocker by NightlyEcliipsePC   Lighting Rocker by SofiaR12{Commish} Lightning Rocker by Ask-BonnieBubblegummgift--Lightning Rocker by abbytehkittyGolden by LedieuIciss

Recommended Friends by parallellogicAnti-Silent Watchers Stamp by just-a-web-artistactive watchers by zaz14ispottermad
I can has points? by 2kazeDonation Button by Abaddon41

Note me if you want to do a RP with me!

Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-RaeDA Stamp - Roleplay Addict 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Want to Roleplay 01 by tppgraphicsRPStamp Roleplay Mature by PharaohQueenRPStamp Roleplay Modern by PharaohQueenRPStamp Roleplay Sci-Fi by PharaohQueenRP: 1st person by PharaohQueenRP: 2nd person by PharaohQueenSuck at Rp .:Stamp:. by Krubbus

How to do a RP [Tutorial]For everyone who don't know how to do a RP and wants to know how to do it. Here are some of the basic steps you need to know how it works.
What is a RP? It is know as Roleplaying. You play as a certain from TV show or a character that is original.
Step 1: Choose a fandom
This is one of the first things you have to do. You have to choose a fandom that you are gonna do a RP in. If you do a crossover fandom RPs, you need to have an explanation how they got there, don't just put them in because you want to.
Step 2: Choose a character
This is kind of important thing to do before you start a RP, you have to pick a character either be a canon character or an OC, if you do a RP without a character, then people with know that you're playing as yourself. So, yeah picking a character is just simple.
Step 3: Make a plot
Most RPs have to revolve around a certain plot and it has to be where a character gets into these situations or predicaments that it has to have a reasonable p

B/W Ani : Point Commissions CLOSED - Button by Drache-LehreB/W Ani : Bonus - POINTS ONLY - Button by Drache-Lehre

Points Commisions

Crystal pony design for 3 :points:

Emerald Icons: for 6 :points:

Your OCs (Paint friendly bases only(link me to one)) for 4 :points:

Two or more Ocs (Paint friendly bases only(link me to one)) for 8 :points:

Wallpaper for 15 :points:

Pony Bases for 10 :points:

Flank Heart for 8 :points:

Custom Ponies for 56 :points:

Pony Reference Sheet for 26 :points:

Equestria Girls OCs for 10 :points:

Pony OC POV for for 6 :points:

Pony to Bat Pony for 23 :points:


1) :iconthearminarlert: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

2) :iconyemto: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

3) :iconbass-treble: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

4) :iconstormyspark: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

5) :iconhunter117x: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


1) :iconfirephoenixx456: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

2) :iconazelf101: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

3) :iconmusicaltoaster: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

4) :iconkmeprz: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

5) :iconthat-turbo-pony: Progress Bar: Gray - Empty - F2U! by Drache-Lehre


Official Pairings

Lightning Rocker x Wilted

Golden Nights x Mary Nights

Holly Swirl x Sword Star

Fire Punk x PrismLight

Purple Twist x Blue Blaze

Autumn Shimmer x Midnight

Locket x Giara
OTP Pairings

Lightning Rocker x Rainbow Dash

Green Blitz x Fire Punk

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Bullet; Red = taken
Bullet; Yellow = Special somepony contest
Bullet; Green = single
Bullet; Black = Not intrested

Current Status
Blue Square Bullet = Dating
Red Square Bullet = Married
Silver Square Bullet = Broke up
Pink Square Bullet = Possibly dating
  1. [DOLL] I haven't seen you for a while by LightningRockerponyLightning Rocker (Main OC) :bulletred: taken by Wilted by cassie-chan55Wilted cassie-chan55's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet |
  2. Locket's new look by LightningRockerpony Locket :bulletred: taken by Giara's Reference by PuffySmosh Giara PuffySmosh's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  3. My new Pegasus OC Sonic Shine by LightningRockerpony Sonic Shine :bulletred: taken by :thumb372609533: Blue Streak TheTrueWerepyre's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  4. Queen Solitaire being an Alicorn by LightningRockerpony Queen Solitaire :bulletred: taken by :thumb379661483: ThunderGust |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  5. Purple Twist - You look pretty cute by LightningRockerpony Purple Twist :bulletred: taken by Pony FC: Blue Blaze by JazzTheTwilightGaia Blue Blaze |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  6. My new Earth Pony OC Dark Dusty by LightningRockerpony Dark Dusty :bulletred: taken by Derpywolf44's pony by demonicpegasus Ari DerpyWolf44's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  7. Bright Dust - I am not Rainbow Dash by LightningRockerpony Bright Dust :bulletred: taken by :thumb374514328: Dust Pool Capricornuss's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  8. My new Earth Pony OC Blazing Star by LightningRockerpony Blazing Star :bulletred: taken by James - Alice BBBFF by Lelianna James Lelianna's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  9. Agile Gallop wearing socks by LightningRockerpony Agile Gallop :bulletred: taken by Ink Jet-Pony sona by ShadowThunderMLP Ink Jet ShadowThunderMLP's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  10. Melo Soul using Magic by LightningRockerpony Melo Soul :bulletred: taken by honkwave by Lululion432 Honkwave |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  11. Pinkie Wing - That looks so wrong by LightningRockerpony Pinkie Wing :bulletred: taken by Typhoon by Kano-20 Typhoon Kano-20's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  12. My new Earth Pony OC Glass Shine by LightningRockerpony Glass Shine :bulletred: taken by Just a thing by PancakeTurtle Blue Days PancakeTurtle's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  13. Thunder Flutter's New design by LightningRockerpony Thunder Flutter :bulletred: taken by Split Second Reference by TheArminArlert Split Second TheArminArlert's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  14. Leaf Meadow's New look by LightningRockerpony Leaf Meadow :bulletred: taken by Dead Punk by Vinyl-BeatDead Punk |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  15. Amethyst Solitaire yet again by LightningRockerpony Amethyst Solitaire :bulletred: taken by Requested :DDDD by SpiritsOfLight |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  16. My new Pegasus OC Flutter Fire by LightningRockerpony Flutter Fire :bulletred: taken by Breeze Chaser by kiwi-jellyfish Breeze Chaser |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  17. My new Pegasus OC Rainbow Spark by LightningRockerpony Rainbow Spark :bulletred: taken by :thumb380016861: Kitten Air |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  18. Czarina Alizarin's new look and cutie mark by LightningRockerpony Czarina Alizarin :bulletred: taken by Newest Member To My Pony Family by DaddysLittleCatDemonMason DaddysLittleCatDemon's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  19. Green Blitz (New OC) by LightningRockerpony Green Blitz :bulletred: taken by Warrior of winds Sky shazer by Skyshazer Sky Shazer |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  20. Bolt Breaker (New OC) by LightningRockerpony Bolt Breaker :bulletred: taken by My OC - Dream Puncher by CupcakeMidnightDream Dream Puncher |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  21. Lava Blue (New OC) by LightningRockerpony Lava Blue :bulletyellow:
  22. My new Unicorn OC DJ Moon by LightningRockerpony DJ Moon :bulletred: taken by Lightning Star by IsaacLover Lightning Star
  23. Sparkle Hooves [New OC] by LightningRockerpony Sparkle Hooves :bulletred: taken by SpeedFlash by Ask-PrincessFlash SpeedFlash Katnissrulez123's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  24. My new Earth Pony OC Rainbow Night by LightningRockerpony Rainbow Night :bulletred: taken by Shutter Bug by QueenRinaTheFoxShutter Bug QueenRinaTheFox's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  25. My new Pegasus OC Gothic Hooves by LightningRockerpony Gothic Hooves :bulletred: taken by Newjack Shephard by MasterAssasin639 Newjack Shephard |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  26. My new Earth Pony OC Fire Punk by LightningRockerpony Fire Punk :bulletred: taken by PrismLight by Scarlet-The-Pegasus PrismLight Scarlet-The-Pegasus's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  27. Blaze Hawk and Clear Spring [New OCs] by LightningRockerpony Blaze Hawk[male] :bulletred: taken by Fruity Falls by Unseen-Dreams Fruity Falls Unseen-Dreams's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet| | Clear Spring[female] :bulletred: taken byLightningShock by Katnissrulez123Lightning Shock Katnissrulez123's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  28. Music Tron [New OC] by LightningRockerpony Music Tron :bulletyellow:
  29. My new Pegasus OC Mist Chaser by LightningRockerpony Mist Chaser :bulletgreen:
  30. Punk Music and Sweet Music [New twin OCs] by LightningRockerpony Punk Music[left] and Sweet Music[Right] :bulletred: taken byRed Rocket Bio by CapricornussRed Rocket and Tangier in His Hoodie by CapricornussTangier Capricornuss's OCs |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  31. Three new adopted OCs by LightningRockerpony Delta Devil [left] :bulletred: taken byBlood Sucker's Reference by NightlyEcliipse Blood Sucker NightlyEcliipse's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet| | Quick Devil [middle] :bulletgreen: | Nyan Top [right] :bulletgreen:
  32. Belle [New OC] by LightningRockerponyBelle :bulletred: taken by Crucifix by TheTrueWerepyreCrucifix TheTrueWerepyre's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  33. My new Pegasus OC Rainbow Flame by LightningRockerponyRainbow Flame :bulletred: taken by 25 Watchers!! by Lightning-Strike1 Lightning Strike Lightning-Strike1's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  34. My new Pegasus OC Dark Choco by LightningRockerponyDark Choco :bulletred: taken by Jupiter by StormySpark Jupiter StormySpark's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  35. My new Unicorn OC Alpha Days by LightningRockerponyAlpha Days (male):bulletred: taken by Moonbeam Dream (Redesign of Dream Catcher) by Graphite-DreamzMoonbeam Dream Graphite-Dreamz's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  36. Thousand Years [New OC] by LightningRockerponyThousand Years :bulletred: taken byPrince Raingar fully grown by rose-angle Prince Raingar rose-angle's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  37. My new Pegasus OC Holly Swirl by LightningRockerpony Holly Swirl :bulletred: taken by The Hunter twins by Philippine-Swirl4 Sword Star(male) Philippine-Swirl4's OC |Currently:Red Square Bullet|
  38. My new Pegasus OC Blood Blaze by LightningRockerponyBlood Blaze :bulletred: taken by<da:thumb id="397011527"/>Flaming Shadow TheTrueWerepyre's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  39. .:DOLL:. I am the creator of this account by LightningRockerpony Golden Nights(me) :bulletred:  taken by My Ponysona Reference by QueenRinaTheFox Mary Nights QueenRinaTheFox's Ponysona |Currently:Blue Square Bullet |
  40. My new Earth Pony OC Sanity Rose by LightningRockerponySanity Rose :bulletgreen:
  41. My new Pegasus OC Cam by LightningRockerponyCam :bulletgreen:
  42. My new Pegasus OC Rainflash by LightningRockerponyRainflash :bulletred: taken byColor Flood by Capricornuss Color Flood Capricornuss's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  43. My new Earth Pony OC Fire Smoke by LightningRockerpony Fire Smoke :bulletred: taken by Twin Pony Adopt -On Hold- by TheTrueWerepyreFlameRunner[male] Katnissrulez123's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  44. My new Unicorn OC Autumn Shimmer by LightningRockerpony Autumn Shimmer :bulletred: taken byMLP Midnight by IsaacLoverMidnight IsaacLover's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet
  45. My new Earth Pony OC Petal Drop by LightningRockerponyPetal Drop Bullet; Red taken by Flame Out by Unseen-Dreams Flame Out Unseen-Dreams's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  46. My new Earth Pony OC Black Fire by LightningRockerponyBlack Fire Bullet; Red taken by Scaredy by AdamAnt543Scardey AdamAnt543's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet |
  47. My new Pegasus OC Pink Stitch by LightningRockerponyPink Stitch Bullet; Green
  48. My new Alicorn OC Galaxy Twist by LightningRockerponyGalaxy Twist Bullet; Green
  49. Rocket Dash [Adopt - Closed] by Sp3nc3r-XRocket Dash (female)Bullet; Red taken by starflash :D by AskStarFlashStarflash Wolfsoul36's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  50. My new adopted Alicorn OC Emerald Feather by LightningRockerpony Emerald Feather Bullet; Green
  51. My new pegasus OC Stardust Force by LightningRockerponyStardust Force Bullet; Red taken byCommission: Scarlet Sun by BlackFreyaScarlet Sun rainboomdragon's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  52. The Zalgo Stallion by LightningRockerpony The Zalgo Stallion Bullet; Red taken by Duskstar Re-design Which Is Better 2 by Nightshade-warroirDuskstar Nightshade-warroir's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  53. My new Pegasus OC Starlight Runner by LightningRockerponyStarlight Runner Bullet; Red taken by armored rainboom dragon a.k.a azure light by rainboomdragon Blue Wind rainboomdragon's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  54. Cloud Nova's Pony Creator V3 design by LightningRockerponyCloud Nova (male) Bullet; Red taken by starflame vector by QueenRinaTheFoxStarflame QueenRinaTheFox's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  55. Eeveelution Pony Evelight by LightningRockerponyEvelight Bullet; Red :Tailmouth Auction:(Closed) by AzrealRoutaken by The Wanderer (in the middle) rainboomdragon's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  56. My new Earth Pony OC Road Rage by LightningRockerponyRoad Rage Bullet; Green
  57. My new Earth Pony OC Blue Tea by LightningRockerponyBlue Tea Bullet; Red *Comission* Blizard Hat by LuuandherdrawsBlizard Hat :iconblizard-hat:Blizard-Hat's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  58. Stellar Wings [New OC] by LightningRockerponyStellar Wings (male) Bullet; Green
  59. My new Earth Pony OC Fire Rocker by LightningRockerponyFire Rocker Bullet; Red taken by Amber Flame by TheMistressSlime Amber Flame :iconthemistressslime:TheMistressSlime's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  60. My new Earth Pony OC Color Splatter by LightningRockerpony Color Splatter Bullet; Red taken byEye of the Storm by SleeplessPoniesShock Rock SleeplessPonies's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  61. My new Pegasus OC Nighttime Radiance by LightningRockerponyNighttime Radiance Bullet; Green
  62. My new Pegasus OC Melifluous Scintilla by LightningRockerponyMelifluous Scintilla Bullet; Green
  63. Soviet's Pony creator V3 design by LightningRockerponySoviet Bullet; Green
  64. My new Earth Pony OC Simple Joe by LightningRockerponySimple Joe Bullet; Red taken by-info sheet- SpikeCross by Kittyotter56Spikecross Kittyotter56's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  65. My new Earth Pony OC Gear Grinder by LightningRockerponyGear Grinder Bullet; Red taken byRequest #107 ~ Moonlight Star Sitting ~ by Radiant--EclipseMoonlight lexysmurf's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  66. My new Alicorn OC Mystic Frost by LightningRockerponyMystic Frost Bullet; Green
  67. My first Bat pony OC Night Huant by LightningRockerpony Night Huant Bullet; Green
  68. Random Pegasus OC Icy Day by LightningRockerponyIcy Days Bullet; Green
  69. My new Unicorn OC Eternal Magic by LightningRockerpony Eternal Magic Bullet; Red taken by MLP/BASE Stevey Diamond ultimate Reference by IsaacLover Stevey Diamond IsaacLover's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  70. My new Pegasus OC Cherry Twist by LightningRockerponyCherry Twist Bullet; Red taken by 1 by James-wonderboltElectro James-wonderbolt's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  71. My new Earth Pony OC Coco Swirl by LightningRockerponyCoco Swirl Bullet; Green
  72. My first Dragon Pony OC Komodo Death by LightningRockerponyKomodo Death Bullet; RedPunk Rock by Philippine-Swirl4Punk Rock Philippine-Swirl4's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  73. My new Pegasus OC Nocturne Flash by LightningRockerponyNocturne Flash Bullet; Red[New OC] Ender Shade by Polar-PonyEnder Shade Polar-Pony's OC |Currently:Blue Square Bullet|
  74. My new Earth Pony OC Prized Glow by LightningRockerponyPrized Glow Bullet; Green
  75. My new Pegasus OC Sparking Metal by LightningRockerponySparking Metal Bullet; Green
  76. My first Changeling OC Lieutenant Pyrax by LightningRockerpony Lieutenant Pyrax Bullet; Green
  77. My new Earth Pony OC Cleopatra by LightningRockerpony Cleopatra Bullet; Green
  78. My first Zenyu Pony Diamond Bright by LightningRockerpony Diamond Bright Bullet; Green (Zenyu Stallions or Normal Stallions)

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Golden Nights
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States

My OCs

Me as a pony: Meet Golden Nights [me as a pony... for real] by LightningRockerpony ~Golden Nights~

Main OC:.:DOLL:. Just smile by LightningRockerpony ~Lightning Rocker~
~Other OCs~

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DA Girlfriend::iconqueenrinathefox:

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What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
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Rainbow Dash

What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Which My Little Pony Are You?
Which My Little Pony Are You?
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My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
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What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
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Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
Who Would Be Your Mare Of Honor?
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Mermaid hunting by PixieCold

This picture is very great and excellent for all of to see. The effect is outstanding and the paint is perfect. Is a really find art wo...

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Thanks for the watch. :aww:
SaraAdventurer 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist…

I used one of your bases
BubbleGum-Express 2 days ago  New member Student Traditional Artist
I know you probably don't accept these but would you like to collab? 
Star-Bolt-Pony 2 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I will be requesting a commission soon
Rainbowstarspower 3 days ago  Student General Artist
are you a fan of doctor who
Rainbowstarspower 3 days ago  Student General Artist
your Micheal's  brother aren't you?
Rainbowstarspower 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Hi Lightning Rocker
InvaderZen1234 Apr 14, 2014  Student Artist
Hey! I watched ya.
BubbleGum-Express Apr 12, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
BubbleGum-Express Apr 12, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
May I be allowed to draw lightning rocker and social butterfly in an anime base?
LightningRockerpony Apr 12, 2014  Student Interface Designer
BubbleGum-Express Apr 12, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
thank you
MyMineAwesome Apr 12, 2014  Student General Artist
o3o aww yea, thanks for the watch! 
NetGreen123 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Prince-lightshadow Apr 4, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
well hello old friend how have you been
TricoloreOne77 Apr 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Uh, did you send a note? If so, I didn't get it.
SleeplessPonies Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Feel like doing a collab?
LightningRockerpony Apr 1, 2014  Student Interface Designer
SleeplessPonies Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Would you like to pick the base or should I?
LightningRockerpony Apr 1, 2014  Student Interface Designer
You can pick one.
(1 Reply)
Painted-Pen Apr 1, 2014  New member Student General Artist
GLOMP!! *Hugs you*
Arxielle Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nyeh, keep the points, I simply wont commish you again then.
Unseen-Dreams Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wanna do a collab? :)
LightningRockerpony Mar 24, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Unseen-Dreams Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You can pick a base c:
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